A young man.

Sex and girls are what I love best.
Music and friends never far from my nest.
Any girl beside me throughout the night.
So I can practice, tease and get it right.

An older man

Now there are things that take more of my time.
Girls are now women, and I have children of mine.
Passion ignites during the week.
But we are too tired, and fall asleep.

A lost man

The wife’s with the kids looking after the home.
I’m on the town with an eye to roam.
I need to find that lust that’s been lost.
I’m no longer a man; I have paid a great cost.

A regretful man

I’ve lost the home, family and wife.
I searched for something, but lost my life.
Now I live with all that shame.
I’m a man you see; on me lay the blame.

A lonely man

Sex lasts forever, shared equally now.
I’m alone; and can barely remember how.
I dream a lot, of all that’s been lost.
Sex is a thing that demands a great cost.

© 2012, Danny Kemp. All rights reserved.

Danny Kemp (14 Posts)

I am sixty-three years of age, married for the second time with two step-children and three grandchildren. My father died when I was sixteen but had probably summed me up completely by that time. He called me deceitful, and I'm not sorry that he did. I now use that characteristic to tell stories in both prose and, I hope. rhyme. My first novel was published in March 2012. The Desolate Garden is a spy murder mystery with more than a simple touch of romance. It has been likened to The 39 Steps and The Constant Gardener by reviewers and the film producer who's London based Company is converting my story into a film.


  1. Nice poem!
    I usually don’t read poetry but this one was a delightful read. :)

  2. Danny Kemp (Author)

    I am pleased that I excited your imagination Isaiyan. Come back and look again sometime.

  3. This describes an all too common journey. I recognize several of the steps and the meanderings.

    Well done!


  4. Danny Kemp (Author)

    Thank you Larry, lots of folk go down that path. :)

  5. Very relatable piece here Danny. Well done.

  6. Danny Kemp (Author)

    But you are a woman Dani! LOL

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