Photo of Kalymnos, Greece By Maria Grujicic

The wild cats of the sea
They roam with the change
In the sky
By the light of the moon 
They see
And by the rise of the sun
Are somewhat blind
Rocks and shadowed places
Relieve their visibility
Their survival, a mystery
A glimpse, a glance
A fortunate chance
For my eyes to see
A wild cat of the sea
Is the belief I have in me

By Maria Grujicic


This is a poem that I wrote when I was in Greece.

© 2012, Maria. All rights reserved.

Maria (3 Posts)

I love to create.. poetry, stories, pictures, songs, music... games and more. Oh .. And Did I mention I love to dance?


  1. Amaaaaaazing poem sis…

    • Maria (Author)

      Thanks Brother Poet, as always!

  2. Maria, this is just beautiful. Were you inspired by Greece? I have always wanted to visit and if it gives the confidence you exude here, that is even more reason to go.

    • Maria (Author)

      Hi Cher! My family roots lie in Greece. It’s a very spiritual place to me. I wrote the poem and then left it alone, along with the other poems I wrote about Greece. It was like they were waiting to come out.

  3. Maria,

    “A glimpse, a glance
    A fortunate chance ”

    This is what enables all of us to retain or rekindle “The Belief “. So marvelously portrayed in words that do the work of brush strokes.

    Thank you!


    • Maria (Author)

      Hi Larry, Thank you for your comment. It means a lot to me. This is a special poem because of the love I had for cats as a girl… and the love I have for Greece.

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