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Tin can, packed to brimming,

On and off, the fish are swimming.

Stop into Port for some ten second jazz,

The octopus wants what the little fish has.

Writhing, twisting, slippery eels

Each cares not for how the other one feels.

Salmon pushing back to spawn,

Seeking out their mate ’til dawn.

Barely room to move their gills,

Survival of fittest, a battle of wills.

Slip aside to let them pass,

Schools of fish revolve en masse.

Is it my turn; is it near?

Will the other fishes hear?

Keep on pushing, all your might

Break for surface, you must fight.

Almost made it, sweet release!

Open waters bring you peace.

Next stop…West 4th St.

© 2012, Rebecca Ash. All rights reserved.

Rebecca Ash (8 Posts)

Rebecca Ash is a freelance writer and poet. Her love affair with poetry began early, thanks to an overzealous English teacher who introduced her to the likes of Dickinson, Poe, Angelou, Frost, Whitman and Browning. She favors free verse, quatrain, lyric and pastoral though dabbles in many other forms of the art.

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  1. Great metaphors here, Rebecca! I absolutely love this.

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