Reaching - By D B Sanders

We took shelter in each others arms,

She had been told

 She would die,

 And so we built a fence, a fortress

To cuddle ourselves in safety

To spend whatever days were left

In the safety of each others arms,

Close out the world!

And it would make it all easier

Or would it?

If the world doesn’t get in

Then it can’t hurt us

We imagined,

We pretended and played

 And pushed such thoughts as,


Into the deepest parts of our reality,

Death was not real

Life! Was, Life and good people win

We can’t at loose.

I like to feel my love won

That the comfort of those dreams we made

Those moments of lost reality

Made her finale years softer,

As for me?

I need a new reality.

© 2012, Dan Sanders. All rights reserved.

Dan Sanders (34 Posts)

I made it through college, started at Pace in New York, family seemed to think I needed a business degree. I didn't last long, two double periods of accounting a week and I was off to N.Y. U. To make a long story short ( too late for that) I graduated from UCLA and actually, my biggest kick out of that is just saying, especially here on the east coast UCLA, but I could care less, been in Boston since 1975, though I was coming for a year or so. A very good friend at the time, she said to me "Dan you'll never leave Boston" so dear Florida “Sun Spot Baby" you're down there, been in and out of radio, TV, acting and that's me in a nut shell.


  1. Dan, this is sadly sweet. The love you and Jennifer shared shines like rays from the sun. Alas, reality does set in and searching for a new reality can be a lonely road, one all of us must eventually travel. Beautifully done, Dan.

  2. Dan, how many times will you break my heart with your beautiful words? I know your Jennifer didn’t want to leave you, and I believe that she stays as close to you as she is able. I don’t believe love ends with death, not true love. Your words keep her alive for us, too. Thank you for sharing her with us.

  3. Dan Sanders (Author)

    Melody, someday I will hurt less, but I never will not hurt. But I promise I will get some happy feet going or should I say happy fingers tinkling the keyboard of my PC soon.
    Cher what can I say, I remember when I couldn’t write at all and you kept encouraging me, and so I did and I’m glad. There is by the way now a podcast link if interested. I posted it on expats.and other places :-)
    Thank you both my friends.

  4. Dan, you are a marvelous writer and it is, I believe, your calling to write. So keep writing and speaking these beautiful words, and we will stand beside you. Reading…and listening.

  5. Dan Sanders (Author)

    Cher for a minute I thought you were going to say, keep writing and keep you mouth shut LOL, Thank you Cher for what you said and what you didn’t say.

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