I’m feeling much better as each day goes by,

Less and less are the tears i do cry,

Attention to me for all that i need,

To be joyful and happy to follow my dreams,

The pain it is passing with each and every day,

As i take ahold of my heart and its old weary ways,

The pain i have handled the hurt in my cries,

Have helped me to remember to live by my side,

No worries of what it is i must do,

Just follow the path of what is to be true,

I know who i am and who i’m yearning to be,

The peaceful enchanter of all of my dreams,

I worry sometimes that i won’t be the same,

But the beauty of life is continual change,

I accept what i have and what is to come,

Live never again to be under a thumb,

The choices i’ve made have come with a cost,

They’ve made me much stronger to lose what i ¬†lost,

I’m following this path that i left way behind,

To be healthy and happy to hold onto whats mine,

My life was so clouded i lived in such shame,

A torturous life of believing in blame,

I’m happier now with my feet right in front,

I’m raising my head and im happy to punt,

The goal is in sight as i go through this maze,

With hope for the light i believe it will stay.



© 2012, Josh Neigum. All rights reserved.

Josh Neigum (9 Posts)

My name is josh,i'm a proud father of three wonderful children.I have a very artistic nature about me,a calm and peaceful person who enjoys the company of others.My poetic nature has been with me for as long as i can remember,life has many changes and i roll with them the best i can.I enjoy the outdoors and the ocean is my church :).Must be my Pisces nature.Hopeless romantic....that's me.I work in construction but my gift has been building spiral staircases out of exotic woods and have 15 years experience in just that,yes i do pride myself on it and i should its not easy my friend.Hobbies are reading,going to the gym,dancing,writing poems and many other stories,listening to music as long as it has some soul to it :),hiking,swimming,omg i could go on,you get the life saying and will always say and believe it is " there is nothing that can't be done".

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