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The pipe burst, showering
the bathroom with scalding water.
Forcing me to flee naked into the cold.
I quickly grabbed my bathrobe,
and an old dim flashlight,
to scurry under the house,
and turn off the main valve.
Covered in mud in the dark,
I found myself looking at stars,
the blueness of the sky,
and the violet hue of sunrise,
silhouetting the mountain range.
The smell of coffee wafted outside,
as a pan faced barn owl swept by.

© 2012, DeanWalker. All rights reserved.

DeanWalker (10 Posts)


  1. Dean,

    This is a new twist on the “When life hands you lemons” adage.

    When life bursts your pipes, make poetry. Now that is an inspiration to each and all!

    Thanks for sharing,


  2. Love it…. my sonnet would very likely have included many expletive deletives…lol I applaud your positiveness Dean. Bravo

  3. Dean, what beautiful distractions in the midst of what would be turmoil. Wonderful!

  4. Ha ha! Great poem. Talk about rose-colored glasses! You’ve inspired me to start singing Monty Python’s “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.” Not a bad mantra when you think about it!

  5. tolbert

    Great perspective Dean! I like the coffee part so next time just skip the under the house mud dilemma and call a plumber on your way back from Starbuck’s. :-)

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