Colors of the night.

At night when I close my eyes to sleep

The colors appear behind my closed lids ~

Colors that do not exist in this world by day

But bloom at night on that small dark screen ~

Giving me bits and pieces of the answer

But never all ~

And my mind goes questing far beyond

The western walls and the eastern boundaries

Of my soul ~

As I am searching always searching ~

Ever questing for some forgotten piece of lore ~

Some bright mystery, some trick of the eye

Perhaps a hint of hidden smoke and mirrors ~

Must I search forever, or will the

Answers find me when I am ready ~

When I am strong enough to withstand

The beauty that my eyes would behold ~

Were the curtain ever to be pierced by the

Wonder of the light beyond knowing ~

At times I think I almost understand but

Never am allowed to bring it with me

From my dreams ~

For it is not a knowing to be subjected

To the light of day ~

I hide the knowledge from myself

And from the world which would distort it ~

Bend it out of all recognition, tarnish it

With incomprehension and with fear ~

But once the curtain has been lifted the

Light will shine for all to see ~

And we will behold in each other and

In ourselves, the beauty of the Spirit

Residing at the heart of each and every one of us ~

I am bewildered and sometimes I am frightened ~

But I am ever persevering, I am here

I am alive and I am full of love

That I would share with all the world ~

So that it may live and grow and bless us all ~

I wonder if a person could die of too much beauty ~

But if I do I will count it as the price

I am prepared to pay to touch such magic ~

If only for that one brief instant ~

© 2012, Melody Haislip. All rights reserved.

Melody Haislip (23 Posts)

I began writing poetry in my early 20s, and then put it aside and forgot it. Then a couple of years ago, I suddenly began writing ~ about everything under the sun ~ and I began to write poetry again. Or perhaps I should say channel more than write, since I feel that I am merely the conduit for some of the pieces I write. Those are the best of times, when the words flow, and those are the words which speak to others. Wish I could live in that state all the time!


  1. Oh oh oh! I am so excited! This is how I ‘see’ my imagination! My dreams and my imagination is weaved with real life and I see so much when I close my eyes. There really seems to be an Imaginative World when I fall asleep. The colors in so many hues, scenes just floating by, memories and characters floating around…that I sometimes don’t know how to capture it…if I should capture it. But I guess, if I’m not able to capture it, if the curtains stay in front of it…it is probably not the right time for it yet.

    I can ramble on and on about this poem, but let’s just say that this poem really hit home with me. Just love it :)

    • Melody Haislip (Author)

      TJ, I’ve always seen the colors when I close my eyes, even when I was a child. And even then there seemed to be hidden messages. Maybe we’re closer to the truth when we relax before sleeping. I’m pleased you liked it and that it spoke to you. Thank you.

      • Ah maybe indeed. Sometimes my mind is so crowded that sleeping doesn’t work right away. You know, I wasn’t aware of this until a few years ago, when my aunt passed away. It seems that I got more in tune with whatever I have hiding in my mind and what I could sense and capture. I also started to draw a lot more and I never captured colors on paper until a few years ago either. It’s funny how things can go in life huh?

        • Melody Haislip (Author)

          It’s a much more homely example than yours, but I had something similar happen after my dad died. He made the best gravy in the world, and mine was always tasteless and lumpy, but after he died, I was able to make delicious gravy, too. I think it was his gift to me.

          • Goodness. That is so lovely, Melody!

  2. By jove Melody … You’ve hit the nail on the head. You have appropriately described what many of us can relate to and said it beautifully.

    • Melody Haislip (Author)

      By Hera, Theresa, glad you approve. Thanks for coming by and liking! :)

  3. Rick

    I think this happens to a lot of us in one form or another. However you have described what happens to me, to quote Your Baby sister …..”Beautifully”
    Thanks for sharing

    • Melody Haislip (Author)

      Thank you for liking, Rick. (Is this Mr. Lee?) It’s my pleasure!

    • Melody Haislip (Author)

      I’m sorry, I only know two Ricks, and of course I picked the wrong one. My apologies and thank you for coming by to read and like my poem. :)

  4. Melody, your words almost jumped off the page in their own beauty. I love looking at life through the wholesomeness of your amazing soul. xoxo

    • Melody Haislip (Author)

      Cher, thank you. Such a graceful compliment. They pretty much jumped Onto the page as well. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, as I’ve been drifting off to sleep. Or maybe I was asleep, sometimes I’m not sure when musing turns to dreaming. I’m so glad you liked it. Thank you.

  5. Beautiful and affirming existential wonder, articulated with such command. Great morning coffee read Melody, I’m ready to start my day! :) PERSEVERE is right!

    • Melody Haislip (Author)

      The world is full of wonder and miracles but weariness and anxiety blind us to so much of what is right before our eyes. Remember the scene in “E.T., the Extraterrestrial”, where E.T. is blundering around in the kitchen while the mother is right there? She’s so wrapped up in her daily worries she never even Sees him! We need to keep our eyes and our senses open! Thank you for your kind comment.

  6. Melody – this was just so lovely. For someone who does more thinking when it’s time to sleep – I could totally relate to these beautiful words. Must share! :-)

    • Melody Haislip (Author)

      Katy, I’m so glad it spoke to you. I think things come through the veil when we’re relaxing and drowsing off, when we’re too tired to keep up the defenses that close us off to so much. Thank you.

  7. Anya

    This says a lot to me about that gap between the vision of the world we have in our hearts, the wishes we have for the world, and the awesome task of trying to bring that vision forward in art. I love it. :)

    • Melody Haislip (Author)

      Anya, I like to think that believing is seeing. An idea must occur to be brought into existence, to be articulated and actualized. These are the blueprints from which we operate, and I believe that we receive pieces of the puzzle when we drift from waking to sleeping. . It makes me happy that you loved it. We’re all in this together! :)

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