Eye art work by Manika Lindberg

This eye is sad
This eye is beaten
This eye has been bad
This eye is as bruised
As my cheeks are rouged
Liquid lines
Glassy looks
Glazing over
I do it by the book
Can’t take any more
Cannot even weep
This eye knows no sleep
Is dead
I’m red through hurt
But dead within
My eyelid falls, weary, bleary
but no, not teary, never
Always a dry eye in the house
Stay quiet as a mouse
there is no rest 
For me
I was pretty once
I could be again
butterfly be born
From the chrysalis within 
Redeem me of Sin.



Film by Charlie Mounsey (Unwelcome Human)

Art by Manika Lindberg

Words by Sam Parr

© 2012, Sam Parr. All rights reserved.

Sam Parr (4 Posts)


  1. Jen

    It’s interesting how so many things can affect the eyes. My mom could always tell I had been crying (even up to a day after) because of how beaten down and red my eyes would look.

    We all have the opportunity to be butterflies…

    • Sam Parr (Author)

      Thanks Jen – yes the eyes are the windows of the soul, corny as it sounds, it’s true! :-) I have eyes like yours, I’m not a pretty cryer like in the films, I just look all puffy red and rather unattractive! Good job I’m not one for crying often (except the odd tear at almost every tv ad and “triumph over adversity” tv programme – well that’ll be every night then! Gok Wan does it every time, and I had to give up watching animal hospital…too traumatic! :-)

  2. This is a great piece of work by you two: the words just bring so much out of the eyes. Great writing and art!

    • Sam Parr (Author)

      Thankyou Pete you must have commented on this about 25 times now, LOL, since you must have seen each element posted individually in more than one place by all 3 of us, then again the 2 combined things, then again, the 3 way collab! (Did you notice that the header is the film?) if you click on it it plays! (I did not manage this alone I got help!)

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