There were a score
At least
Of new birds in
The chorus
At the dawning
Of the day

The touch of
The light clear air
On my skin
And revives me

Flowers of
Orangey gold
With accent
Blooms of
Snowy white
And deepest
Edge the

The grass is a
Green so brilliant
That it almost
Hurts the eye

Laden with lush
Pink and white
The magnolia
Across the street
Waves to me

Am I not
She cries
Doesn’t it
Just break your
Heart to
See such beauty
It’s the only
Reason I exist

And my soul
Leaps with joy
To see that Spring
Is here once more

© 2013, Melody Haislip. All rights reserved.

Melody Haislip (23 Posts)

I began writing poetry in my early 20s, and then put it aside and forgot it. Then a couple of years ago, I suddenly began writing ~ about everything under the sun ~ and I began to write poetry again. Or perhaps I should say channel more than write, since I feel that I am merely the conduit for some of the pieces I write. Those are the best of times, when the words flow, and those are the words which speak to others. Wish I could live in that state all the time!


  1. Wonderful.

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