Lazily, languidly, she reaches for his fingertips

And entwines them within her own

Hers, his, hers, his…a stalwart web of identity

Sewn together in the moonlight.

Softer and softer still, they form their delicate pattern

Of impenetrable unity.


Lovingly, longingly, she searches for his eyes

And meets them with her own

Blue, brown, blue, brown…a halcyon reflection of the soul

Seemingly grey in the moonlight.

Deeper and deeper still, they communicate without the need for words

For none may suffice.


Hungrily, eagerly, she seeks out his lips

And presses them to her own

Fevered, temperate, fevered, temperate…breathing life into one another

Whispered sighs hanging in the moonlight

Faster and faster still, their spirits rise to meet each other

In every measured kiss.


Naturally, delicately he enters her body

And offers up his own.

Rising, falling, rising, falling…their natural rhythm scoring its stride

The beauty shaming the moonlight

Cresting and cresting still, as if orchestrated by a Sibylline maestro

Until they are effete.


Tentatively, irrepressibly she reaches for his heart

And proffers to him her own.

Fluttering, tranquil, fluttering, tranquil…it finds a home within him

Nesting lovingly in the moonlight

Farther and farther still, she falls into a cavernous love

From which she begs no abdication.


From which she begs no abdication

Of impenetrable unity

In every measured kiss

For none may suffice

Until they are effete……



Photo Credit: Theresa Thibodeau

© 2012, Rebecca Ash. All rights reserved.

Rebecca Ash (8 Posts)

Rebecca Ash is a freelance writer and poet. Her love affair with poetry began early, thanks to an overzealous English teacher who introduced her to the likes of Dickinson, Poe, Angelou, Frost, Whitman and Browning. She favors free verse, quatrain, lyric and pastoral though dabbles in many other forms of the art.

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