Starry nights
Bustling streets
Smoke dancing out of open cafes.

The chatter of folks
Just walking about
The sidewalks there is a sashay.

To peer in a window
A crowd gathered there
For beatnik poets make way.

The streets of New York
So teeming with life
One thinks nothing of the decay.

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© 2012, Pete Armetta. All rights reserved.

Pete Armetta (12 Posts)

Pete is a writer of Flash Fiction, Poetry, Short Stories and Essays. Based in Charlottesville, VA, Pete is currently pursing Fellowships and Residencies in order to further hone his craft. He is a regular contributor to The River Journal, and has appeared in Take It To The Street Poetry, BestNewPoems and Subtle Fiction. Pete is pleased to be a part of the Expats Poetry community!


  1. oh is this new, I didn’t realise it was you till I saw your little face at the end! Love this snapshot of a great city, I so want to go to New York one day. Love the sashaying sidewalks – beats pedestrian pavements anyday – much more glam on the over side of the pond :-)

  2. Pete Armetta (Author)

    Well I don’t know about more glam, but I do know I just love this MOOD. :) It’s quite idyllic of course. :) Thanks for reading Sam!

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