By our Guest Poet Matloob Bokhari

The hordes of beasts loitering in ignorance
Made a deal with devil for their sinful sway
Next, entered into a city of crown of culture
Acquired worldly wealth, secured places high
Ruled people with the help of sword and poison
Hysterically hate of theirs chilled blood in veins
Subjected intellectuals to terrible atrocities
Terrorized, persecuted and humiliated females
Savagely and ruthlessly murdered challengers
Violence turned play land into an arena of war
Rigid dogmas gave a brutal blow to liberalism
Bigotry burnt volumes of logic and astronomy
Orthodoxy jeopardized freedom of reflection
Intolerance transformed gardens into wastelands
Hysterical hatred dried up all flowing rivers of land
Ignorance, foolishness turned off all the lamps of light
Standing on the stones of rusty ruins, I heard
Bats, rats and spiders cursing and saying
Where is your ill-gotten money, where your courtiers
The stones here were speaking in a language mute
Shame on cruel rulers who oppressed humanity
Swirling mists, howling wind, ancient dust crying
Where is your splendor and glory; where cruel life
Pale death beating its wing was screaming loud
There is no room for hatred in the heart of truth
Lives in temples of hearts; reigns in castles of minds

© 2012, Matloob Bokhari. All rights reserved.

Guest Poet (5 Posts)


  1. Wow, who says politics and poetry can’t mix? Oh yeah, it was the librarian Laura Bush. Which, of couurse, caused a sweeping boycot of the anual poetry readings at the White House. This poem would never had be read at the White House with Republicans in office. Yet, should be read on camera in the Oval Office.

    Matloob Bokhari, welcome to the Expats Poetry site. Please consider becoming a contributor and posting more of your poetry. Thanks

  2. “There is no room for hatred in the heart of truth”. The most beautiful and powerful line in a beautiful, powerful poem. Thought-provoking, as well.

    We must take care that we do not end up like this. “They” say that the average form of government only lasts about two hundred years. That means we’re 38 years into the danger zone. 37th in health care, 25th in math and science. Shameful. The danger signs are all around us if we would only heed them.

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