I can not hide it anymore,

I can not miss you any longer,

I can not sing your song if you are not here,

I can only do one thing,

Love you with my whole heart.

© 2012, Maria Eugenia Cafiero. All rights reserved.

Maria Eugenia Cafiero (3 Posts)

Hi ! I am from Argentina and one of my passions is writing; the other one music. Just to finish my little bio, I will let you my favorite quote : "No one is in charge of your happiness except you."


  1. Lovely poem and equally lovely image, Maria!

  2. Explicit proof that short is indeed sweet!

  3. Very very lovely, Maria :) Welcome to Expats Poetry!!

  4. Yep, what Larry said. Short, honest and says what many of us have gone through and thought at one point or another. Welcome to Expats.

  5. Wow! Something so succinct has managed to capture so much emotion. Wonderful first post!

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