The street lights flood in
Through the slanted blinds ~
Stippling the walls
With fantastic designs ~

A chiaroscuro mural ~
Delicate and beautiful
And full of movement ~

The wind busies itself
In the tree branches ~ and
The whole picture changes ~
In a heartbeat ~ in an instant ~

Exactly as my life changed
When I met you ~
So suddenly ~ wildly and
Totally ~ out of control ~

Aflame with desire to
See if your lips were as soft
As they promised to be ~
Beneath my own ~

From that day to this ~
Nothing has moved me
Half so much ~

Then sleep reclaims me ~
And I reach out ~
The warmth of you
More magical ~
Than the dream
Could ever be ~
And I know how
Blessed I am ~

© 2012, Melody Haislip. All rights reserved.

Melody Haislip (23 Posts)

I began writing poetry in my early 20s, and then put it aside and forgot it. Then a couple of years ago, I suddenly began writing ~ about everything under the sun ~ and I began to write poetry again. Or perhaps I should say channel more than write, since I feel that I am merely the conduit for some of the pieces I write. Those are the best of times, when the words flow, and those are the words which speak to others. Wish I could live in that state all the time!


  1. Lovely.

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