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The wind whines and paws

At the space between the edge

Of the door and the frame

Its ceaseless fumbling and pale cries

Keep peace at bay and shred nerves

Already raw and overstimulated

I think of the many times I’ve asked

You to fix it for me and of your telling

Me, “It’s on the list, sweetheart.”

Your famous list. I could almost smile

Then I glance at the clock for at least

The hundredth time, but the hands

Crawl slowly if they’ve moved at all

And still there is no word from you

I think of snowy roads and icy patches

As my pacing takes me back and forth

Across the room, from one window to

The other and then back again, then

Turning once more, trying to outrun

My fears. Wringing my hands as I

Had read of people doing but never seen

Before. I am a curiosity to myself in this

Altered state, unable to be still, my usual

Calm gone, as if it had never been

Just then I hear the sound of your car

Oh, let it be your car!

Crunching up the driveway

Coming closer with each

Revolution of the wheels

Is that your car?

The lights are in my eyes, and

My fear is so intense I cannot

Move, cannot speak or hear,

And then I see you and I can

Breathe once more. My life and

My love will go on. Oh, let it snow!

Originally published February 1, 2011

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© 2012, Melody Haislip. All rights reserved.

Melody Haislip (23 Posts)

I began writing poetry in my early 20s, and then put it aside and forgot it. Then a couple of years ago, I suddenly began writing ~ about everything under the sun ~ and I began to write poetry again. Or perhaps I should say channel more than write, since I feel that I am merely the conduit for some of the pieces I write. Those are the best of times, when the words flow, and those are the words which speak to others. Wish I could live in that state all the time!


  1. Larry Conley


    Excellent! Words that make magical images and convey credible emotions. Wonderfully done.

    • Melody Haislip (Author)

      Thank you, Larry. I could feel the fear as I was writing. Probably coming from some similar tense, waiting situation. You always know just what to say, and I truly appreciate Your way with words!

  2. Cher Duncombe

    This is almost heart-breaking in its beauty, Melody. I almost scanned my eyes to see how it ended—but I showed restraint. It ended beautifully and happily with so much love. Your phrasing and imagery are exquisite!

    • Melody Haislip (Author)

      Cher, I’m pleased you were happy with the ending. I couldn’t have borne an unhappy one myself, after so much angst! Seems it’s always the woman, fearful and pacing, waiting for that crunch of tires on snow.

  3. DaniHeart

    This piece truly resonated with me, as I have been that woman on more than one occasion. Well done. Beautiful imagery.

    • Melody Haislip (Author)

      Dani, thank you. I’m always happy when something I write touches another person. I figured most women could identify with this, at least a little bit.

  4. This is one of my favorite poems you have penned. I go through this ordeal many times while waiting for my Joe to return home and then the overwhelming relief that he is safe. That sigh of exhaled relief is euphoric. Loved this!

  5. Melody Haislip (Author)

    Oh, yes, waiting. It Never gets old, does it? :-P

  6. Anya

    I love this one, too – the ending gives it such a buoyancy! I used to say that waiting was an act of love, and this poem exemplifies what I was trying to mean by that even better than that phrase!

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