“And so she comes to dream herself the tree“–Hart Crane


And so she comes to dream herself the tree

Her words turn to leaves upon her lips

In winter, she is quiet

Struck by the tenderness of silence


To know a tree, she dreams

Herself the tree


And so he comes to dream himself the wind

His words turn to breezes, gentle currents

That she might know movement

Inside her stillness


To know a tree, he dreams

Himself the wind

© 2012, Sarah Joy Hadler. All rights reserved.

Sarah Joy Hadler (7 Posts)


  1. A very peaceful poem.

  2. Very lovely and sensual piece. Well done. :)

  3. Another quiet masterpiece! You write beautifully! There’s always so much going on under the surface, and each word seems to have been chosen with special purpose. Very impressive.

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