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If I ever describe

your outer inner beauty,

I will begin with your smile

finishing by your eyes.

So happy together, just the two of us.

The only way I can reach the stars,

is just sleeping by your side.

I promise you I will always love you

with all my heart.

© 2012, Maria Eugenia Cafiero. All rights reserved.

Maria Eugenia Cafiero (3 Posts)

Hi ! I am from Argentina and one of my passions is writing; the other one music. Just to finish my little bio, I will let you my favorite quote : "No one is in charge of your happiness except you."


  1. Maria, this is just a beautiful poem! It is so good to see you again. :)

  2. Maria Eugenia Cafiero (Author)

    Thank you very much,Cher !!! I’m so glad you like it…
    And I’m very happy to be back again =)
    Big hug!

  3. Maria,

    What a fortunate person is the one to whom this poem is directed!

    If this recipient of this poem has any sense, you are also the portal by which the stars are reached.

    This was truly a joy to read!


    • Maria Eugenia Cafiero (Author)

      Hi Larry!
      What a nice and lovely comment =) Thank you very much!!!
      It’s a pleasure that someone like you,with your experience in the field of writers, tell me such nice words!
      I’m happy you’ve enjoyed the reading =)

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