in the beginning

you held the meat out

an offering

they were geese once

two of them

freshly skinned

hard to recognize

without their soft plumage


you brought me

fresh meat

less and less often

then you stopped altogether

your eyes grew distant

from some other place


I watched as

you grew small wings

began to take trips

those new feathers

turning brighter

you in flight

finally realizing

the beauty of trees


you becoming

what you once hunted



© 2012, Sarah Joy Hadler. All rights reserved.

Sarah Joy Hadler (7 Posts)


  1. I love the cadence, especially, “finally realizing … the beauty of trees”. I keep feeling that, if I just keep rereading it, I will grasp all the hidden meanings. :)

  2. Anya Pham

    This is lovely. :)

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